The Taktika Group of Companies was founded in 2002 with the simple aim of providing sound, professional, practical advice to companies and individuals to enable them to move forward. At its inception, Taktika quickly earned a reputation as a valuable support to companies undertaking managerial restructuring, mergers and acquisitions.

In addition, the Taktika Business School has trained more than 250 senior managers and directors in matters including leadership, dealing with HR issues, contract laws and change management.

A host of directors and senior managers has benefited from the imaginative yet pragmatic advice they have received from the Group. Many clients have been using Taktika for commercial consultancy and training for more than 15 years.

In recent years, the Taktika Group of Companies has grown so that we can now offer mediation services to individuals and companies as well as a family services team specialising in providing assistance to families of disabled dependents.

“Taktika Business Solutions has been an integral component of our business since 2011; they came to us at a time when we needed to restructure the way that our business operated; we had grown quickly and need help to put in place a structure that was more able to support our busy company. Their expertise in this area was invaluable and we were able to make profound changes to the way that the management team functioned and operated”

A Murray • Total Design Group